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who is Satan?According to many written Satan is defined as the enemy of God, accuser and many other.
Any who happen to see this definition will quickly reason that this Satan we are talking about must be or his a bad guy,but what now bring the crazy idea of his worshipping?.
Let me first tell you this you see people have different views we are all different, what faces you turn it back to another person,the worshippers of Satan are called satanist while the belief is called satanism, so what now brings the idea?.
This contemporary practice of Satan was begin with the founding of the church of Satan in 1966,but prior to the practice satanism started primarily first as an accusation by different Christian group toward perceived ideological opponent rather than a self identity.
I will like to tell you that Satan as a deity never exist, it us human who fail to reason and looked into that,there are mainly two sort of SATANISM, theistic SATANISM and atheistic SATANISM,THEISTIC SATANISM venerate Satan as a supernatural deity they views him not as an omnipotent but rather as a partraich while ATHEISTIC SATANISM regard Satan  merely a symbol of certain human trait it represented pride,individualism and more.
The appearance of Satan in some bible verses and chapters really choked me,in the book of Samuel the bible viewed david as the SATAN of Philistines, SATAN appeared here as a noun,a name title,what this SATAN means here is an adversary,the adversary of the Philistines,then in another chapter in this same bible it appeared not as a noun or spirit but rather as a verb in the book of numbers  it said the lord sent an Angel to Satan Balaam it appeared as a verb here which simply means "oppose",so SATAN mean an adversary, an opposer and an accuser.
Many writers ve write about this,in the Jewish mythology Satan is a spirit which symbolized pride and individualism,according to the old testament SATAN appeared not as a spirit or deity but as an opposer,
prior to the composition of the new testament,the idea developed by the Jewish communities that SATAN is the name of an angel who has revolted against God and has been cast out along with his followers,this account would be incorporated into contemporary text like the book of Enoch,the SATAN was then featured in part of the new testament,where he was  presented as a figure who tempted human to commit sin,who also attempted to tempt Jesus of Nazareth as the latter fasted In the wilderness.
In the study of SATANISM,the religious studies scholars ABSJORN DYRENDAL,JAMES R. LEWIS,and JESPER Aa PETERSEN stated that the term SATANISM has a history of been a  designation made by people against who they dislike that is to say that it lowerly mean a form of abuse,a word which made people know you dislike someone,a particular person or maybe a group,a term used for othering.
the concept of satanism was a Christian inventory for it relies upon. the figure of SATAN a character derived from a Christian mythology.
Petersen noted that "SATANISM as something others do is very different from satanism self designation",Eugene Gallagher noted that as commonly used,satanism was usually a"polemical not a descriptive term".
the word SATAN was adopted into English from the French SATANISME,the terms "satanist and satanism"are first recorded as appearing in the French and English languages during the sixteen century,when they were used by Christian to attack other rival Christian groups.In a roman catholic tract of 1565,the author condemns heresies,blasphemies and SATHANISMES(sic) of the Protestant,and also in an Anglican work of 1559,Anabaptist and other Protestant sect are condemned as swarmes of SATANISTES(sic),as used in this manner the term SATANISM was not used to claimed that people literary worshipped satan but presented the view that through deviating from what the speaker or writer regarded as the true variant of Christianity they were regarded as being essentially in league with the devil.
In nineteenth century the term SATANISM was begin to be used to described  those considered to lead a broadly immoral lifestyle and it was only In the late nineteenth century that it claimed to be applied in English to individual who were believed to consciously and deliberate venerate satan.
It also appeared earlier in Swedish language,the LUTHERAN BISHOP LAURANTIUS PAULINUS GOTHUS had describe devil worshipping sorcerer as SATHANISTER in his ethica christiana.
The church of Satan is a religious organization dedicated to the satanism as codified in the Satan bible,this church was established at the black house in San Francisco,California on walpurgisnacht april 30 1966 by Anton Szandor LaVey who died In the year 1997,the church headquarter was then moved to Hells kitchen Manhattan new York at the time of Peter H. Gilmore who was appointed as the new high priest In 2001.
The church doesn't believed in Satan as a  deity not expouse a belief in satan as an entity who literary exist and nor the founder LaVey encourage the worshipping of Satan as a deity in an interview with David shankbone,Peter H. Gilmore stated that "my real feeling is that anybody who believed in any supernatural entities on some level is insane whether devil or God they are abdicating reason",he (Gilmore) defined the word Satan as a model or a mode of behavior,nothing that In Hebrew the word means adversary and opposer and can be regarded as one who question, a questioner,Gilmore defined satanism as beginning with atheism and taking the view that the universe is indifferent:,there is no God no devil no one cares.
LaVey sought to cement his belief system within the secularist world view that derived from natural science,thus providing with an anti-theistic basis with each to critize Christianity and other supernaturalist beliefs.
He legitimized his religion by highlighting what he claimed was its rational nature,contrasting this with what he saw as supernaturalist irritationality of established religion.
The mission of this temple is to encourage benevolence and emphathy  all member, reject tyrannical authority advocate practical common sense and justice and be directed by the human conscience to under take noble pursuits guided by the individual wills,the satanic temple has publicly opposed the westboro baptist church,advocated on behalf of the public school to abolish corporal punishment.
we valued the privacy of our members and don't share membership information with anyone,only the founders of the organization are permitted access to membership database and it used exclusively for TST outreach and communication.
please look for somewhere else.


for more info about this GOOGLE SEARCH the Satan bible.

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If you finish this thing you ll ve the answer to your greatest nightmare, mystery and thought.....
What is world horror?,this simply means the world mysteries,beliefs about the supernatural which are beyond human intelligences or human power,and what are this world horror, let take for example the beliefs in vampires, zombies and more like rapture,Lilith and any other mysteries.
So there are many questions out there that is part of this world horror,we have many but I ll mention few,IS THERE REALLY GOD?
In fact give anyone which aren't here in the comment box and I ll give you more about it just sucribe to get the notification then you ll learn.
Now one by one I ll be telling the answers to these and some stories attached to it if there are any.
I'll start from first one.
Yes,is the answer, am not talking about the bible this time but about these physical things you yourself can see and reason with.
Take for example the belief in Satan,and I want you to know that we ve two things in this life, one can't stand without the other indeed they claimed to be contradictory but still stand together, good and bad,love and hate, tall and short,wise and fool,sleep and wake and so many on, this tell us a good reason that without God Satan can't be and without Satan God can't be that is all in this life.
Many people takes the bible as a story book that s the reason I want us to put apart the Bible.
On Google on in anywhere, if you search for who is GOD, they ll tell you he is the supreme ruler, the owner of heaven,well am not saying that this things know more about him, because it us human who put it there, but what I want you to know is that this world can't be without a spirit ruler,many takes gods and deities as theirs but let me tell you a kingdom can't be without hierarchy, that is it according to the spiritual ruling.
Let takes for example now,in Nigeria,we ve chairmen in the local government area, in the communities we ve dukes,in the towns we ve kings,in the state we are having governors,in the senatorial district we've senator and finally in the country we are having a president,that is how it been in the spirit realm, in all realms,kingdoms,beliefs something comes as an hierarchy.
And all those who believed in the annunakis creation, that annunaki may be the god surely they we ve a master or a supreme leader,Here comes my second question.
I want you to know that those who ve chosen evolution are making a great mistake, and those with creation half right for why,ve told you that two contradictory word are the two best of friend, those two involved, creation first then evolution followed.
Why did I say so?,the reasons is my first point about contradictory, the second I ll give example.
Look at a man created with sand and fill the world with souls with sand creation apart,that sand made is the creation and to all other his out came souls, evolution take over,but the belief In evolution at the start is nothing, imagine a wind blowing And suddenly turn to storm which fall some trees in the forest and after some hours and after the storm stop you only hear that the tree felled by the storm ve evolved into a very beautiful large home even a very ugly small prison,or that it has turned it Into some planks for carpentry work,that ll never happen, that ll forever be an imagination not reality,if you ever see any one tell you of evolution as the way just give him/her a little example like give him water to pour it to an heap of sand tell him to make status out of it,or any example that comes you brain about been evolve,my third question.
I'll start from this,let me tell you this,all this are mystery beyond human but we are having a powerful brain which evolution can't give and that provide the action through some through some scene in the bible but unsure,but if you see for yourself you can hold this answer and teach people, for more about this check,Aykkellin.blogspot.com,Lilith, and you ll see more post about Lilith there or Deadlyword.blogspot.com you ll see more about Lilith there also.
Let me give you one important scene from the bible,"a serpent came and tempted the woman to eat the forbidden fruit and here is the answer,Lilith is the serpent as I can view it,let me tell you this Lilith and how l believed there is a first woman before eve even if it wasn't Lilith, I'll start from the second,as I've said before, right from the start everything has is second,good and bad,love and hate and more and this appeared in this man life,then God created cock and hen, lion and lionness,leopard and leopardess in short every thing with his second even good and bad but God banned them to do bad,which is that forbidden fruit, and you expect the lord to create Adam and nothing, that we never happened so there ll probably be a first female before eve,eve is the first woman not the first female, because woman means a being culled from man.
And this is about Lilith, she was created from sand just like Adam this made her to be proud and won't respected her husband,even today she is now the source of freedom to women in some part of Asia they now worshipped her.
Lilith viewed Adam and her as equal Adam tried to forced her and command her and she wouldn't listen and one day she lifted the garden, Adam reported her to the lord,this makes the lord to sent three Angels senoy,sansenoy and semangelof to warn her,these three Angel met her in a cave outside the garden then they said to her"go back to Adam if you refused to go back you ll be losing thirty kids in a day",yet she refused the angels left her.
Instead of her to back to the garden she followed samael away,some of you may be wondering who samael is because your bible don't mentioned that,well keep updates to know more about him.
Then I think that when Lilith heard that there is another girl in the garden,she pitied her, she knew well that man ll be controlling her like he wanted and she wouldn't be wise enough to know that this isn't a nice act for girl,that why she used a serpent  to talk with the girl  maybe she may be wise after eating that fruit.
To my next question.
Anyway this is a simple question and any one can know the answer except the doubters I supposed not to add this question to world horror list but this are getting many people confuse everyday,but am going to tell you that the answer is simply "yes"and why?,it is because every book which said anything about creation mentioned no two parents,and no to gardens was mentioned and if it was Lilith case Lilith is not a human no more but a demon she is now a goddess and a freedom giver to some women in some parts of the world she had her kids through the masturbation of men she had now defined as a cry in the desert.
She is also a vengeful person for the losing of her kids and back to the beginning for the people who think "why not die for that so long time",and I ve my answer now,she doesn't eat the forbidden fruit those that ate it die,
So Adam and eve are our only parent so after having more families they separated.
In some people's belief,annunaki where the visitors to the earth they believed they created human with their gene and make them worked in underground ,they also proof that there are many written words,symbols about them in some caves,deserts and under waters.
But physical proof haven't be made so I suggested that this belief is nothing.
Well,for more about the annunakis go to the BOOK OF ENOCH..
To my next question.
According to many beliefs hell exist but I want you to know that the only hell I know comes from two words that is HELL AND HADES and they both means death, to know more about hell go to this same blog and look for HELL AND PURGATORY there you ll find more than answer to help you with this great world horror.
All this is by evolution not Creation, during the departure in the time of the tower in babel many people go to different locations and places,those who go to colder places ve white skin and those in hotter place ve dark skin which is sustainable to hotter place,anyway to know more about this in this same blog look for THE REAL ORIGIN OF BLACK AND WHITE PEOPLE there you ll find perfect answer to guide you in the world horror life.
This question ve generates traffic out there,I remember some times back in one of my formal dwelling I usually played with one Muslim he is much older than me and have three kids we called him "Alfa"he also do prayer for people, so one day,he called me and showed me a video on his for about a woman named"Ella" from philipia the woman a Christian before now a Muslim told her story,she said in one time there was a conference in her city there were many people like ants moving together, and some highly respected teachers and Reverends after the teaching this woman raised up and put up a question that ve be worrying him for days,she asked the men of God present,she asked,among the Trinity, the father,the son and the only spirit who among them will rule at the end?no one knows what to say,and the only teacher that answer said that she not ve asked this kind of question can't you see there are many people here?, so to you my readers I think you know what that mean, that,that question can scatter the congregation, this woman left and go to the Muslim he asked the same question they answered her without hesitation that how he turn Muslim, and since you know that Muslim don't believed in Trinity you can guess what they ll tell her,but my readers let me give you the right answer they would ve give,as I answered the question that very day after the video in front of the Alfa.
You see that "father"means God the creator, supreme ruler and he is also the father,the"son"as you can guess means Jesus Christ whom is also the son to GOD, GOD didn't ve a wife yes, but let me tell you this the one who respect your word,command and who loves you and your work is the same as your son,the one who do anything you wishes is the same as your son that's what happened to God and Jesus Christ,and that "holy spirit"means nothing than the inspiration of God, power and Lord's spirit he is not a being like the two,in the old testament of the bible its was called the lords spirit by king David, but the new testament said holy spirit, it was just the spirit which connected God, Jesus Christ,Angels and the holy people, and in question of who ll rule among this two well,its God, Jesus Christ was sent just to bring all people back to God and after the job is completed he ll hand over everything back to God.
Am sure to tell you that life started in Asia and Africa,you may want to know why,well according to my work I ll make it clear.
And you ve to see for yourselves those lion,and lion can only be seen in Asia and Africa most of the animals mentioned there belong to Africa and asia,and to cap it up this body changes
I mean the black and white theory,let me tell you one thing most of the Asia's countrys are nearly black nor white am sure to say that this is the real colour and hair style so in those days of evolution those white became white according to the geographical location and the black according to theirs.
Another example, that babel or Babylon was found in Asia there capital city was found around Iran and Iraq, this gives a good assurance.
Am going to tell you that Lucifer isn't a name just title, so all the idea about Lucifer been the Satan first name is nothing but lie.
As some of you knew,Lucifer means a morning star and so it a title Jesus also was also called Lucifer,the Satan real and first name is samael and not Lucifer samael then is a singer that how he get that name,that morning star simply means the best among bests that is number one among the best,the morning is the best time in any day but star added to it, and a star on it own is another best,any to know more about this in this same blog,look for,https://deadlyword.blogspot.com/2019/04/luciferbaphometdevilsatursatan-and-satyr.html?m=1,it will clear you
Yes was the perfect answer except of those scholars but the bible still did a great for the story been told has ve said in the ninth post title go back to it if you don't understand.
I can tell you that this one question ve generated so much traffic, but who knows or knew his start no one,the only thing I can tell you is that everything has a beginning but to this no clear story has been said.
The only answer is that maybe he evolved among those water,fire and more he is not an alien as some people claimed but a God out of nowhere am sure he evolved but out of nowhere.
Buddies nothing happens we die and die that all,when ll die the soul,heart and our sense of reasoning are paused to the day of rebirth, when I say rebirthing am not saying that we'll be born angain or reincarnate  but maybe jugdement or anything,some people claimed that death disturbed them,yes I believed In that but am going to let you know that it not the dead itself but one wicked act called ghostitude it was he doing that wickedness, to know more about ghostitude search in Google of check this blog Deadlyword or aykkellin.blogspot.com.
When ll die we are no more our life pause and anything it's one spirit that take up the body making it alive again and disturbing the living,no dead is wicked it the spirit taking over them,but there is a belief in reincarnation if you haven't finish you important task,not many people ve this luck it may be a good spirit that takes over them but am assuring you that when we die our journey pauses that all.
Yes am sure to tell you this I ll give you only one example if you remembered in the time when Jerusalem was taken from the Israelites God promised to give them back that was in the bible now it happened real Donald Trump takes it back for them,reason with it a long time Indeed so anyone who think the bible is fake has been mad in fact mader than the madest am sorry to use that.
Every thing in the bible is true to the fact.
No,all this was fiction a story to make small kid happy,the scientists don't proof it and when we use telescope to look above we only see stars and nothing else.

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The real origin of black and white people.

Long after everything came to be.
We are told that there was a confusion in the tower of Babylon which bring different languages and people scattered allover the earth,after this and after the days before,and seeing the two human there then ve been many questions and answers about the existence of this two groups.
Even we ve come to know that we don't ve this two only,there ve been many colours allover the land,let take for example the Indians, Egyptians, Zambians,Arabs and more,you can see how they are different in colour, but how does this came to be?.
There ve been many answers, but this one proof to be the truth.
Lord Michael Owen and said webb believes it melanin,and what is this melanin it a dark skin pigmentation, that is marked as one of the answer because during the Exodus many thing happened to them.
And according to Dmtri mathers,we split from the same source of the beginning
And some tribe went to hotter climate others to colder one then they changed according to the climate they are.
Even portia Myrtle brown dockery let me know that gods are even black and white,
Krishna Vishnu Rama is a white god,while,lord Krishna is a black,said according to Hindu spirituality.
Scott William staden state that white people exist due to the location of the majority of their ancestor far enough away from the equator to ve lighter skin due to the lack of sunlight.
He further, black people also  exist due to  the location of the majority of their ancestors been close to the equator therefore bringing darker skin to handle the greater amount of sunlight.
That is dark skin=more sunlight.
Light skin=less sunlight.
I marked this answer also as correct.
Jolene woitas stated,god backed some longer than others,some got blackened not burnt,and some came from other planets we can't all be the same.
Dontes nettles stated that the black are the only human all others are hybrid,
What is that hybrid? It means the offspring of two plants or animals or some made by combining two things together,this is wrong.
But let me tell you that all this black and white existence is not by creation but simply evolution, let me tell you what I think and what I ve been researching on.
During the scattering in Babylon people find their ways,  some to the north,south,west and east,some into the forest some into desert some find a cool place and other hot dwellings,if you believe this,in earth then we can only see forest and not plain lands,some may be searching for a plain area  but found desert,some may go near sea,so as time goes on,those in the forest will start losing their first colour through the dangers of the  forest,there ll be many kind of diseases, flies and more dangers,if you ve read about Africa or west Africa forest you ll know that there are some people with extra strength in those bushes called monsters, they use palm leaves as pant they mate like any other humans did,but they can't talk these diseases and danger in the forest ve done them harms,there are many group of them some their hair ever bald,some ve long hair like the white people, and some are like monkey.
Am not saying that those groups stay together but you can only find them in different lands according to their likeness.
Many Scottish then,and British now,found them during their research even mungo park did according to my reading.
I can't call these people monster they are man and woman in likeness but they ve poor intelligence they sleep in the bush no hut or house they sleeps under tree in caves,under the roots of a tree,but they are strong,but I believed that now in this modernize world they would ve mixed with their first people.
All that I want you to know is that this by evolution not creation,we are not to blame God for this different and not the ancestors either,but ourself who think there is a different but the gravious question is that where in the part of the world does life started, which continent?, subscribe  for posts to know the true answer to this,research are going on.

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Friday, April 5, 2019

Student fall and die caused by teacher

Student dead,fell from a tree,caused by teacher.
The entire school of ijo Mimo oluwa high school(imohsa)was turned into hell as their senior prefect Oluwole oludayo breathed his last breathe, the incident was a very shocking one.
The incident happened on saturday march 30 and was explained thus,during their saturday Lesson one of the teacher named Mrs khura called the senior prefect Oluwole dayo to plucked mangoes on a mango tree in that same school,the guy did climbed but unluckily for him he fell down and breath no more,the school was thrown into hell,as people are in eager to know what happened, the boy,oluwole dayo was said to ve no paternal or maternal parent and was using scholarship to fuel his educational desires and goals.
People mostly students testified that he was a boy of good brain, speaks English fluently and was good in speech they all feel him as one of the greatest leader of the future, but most pitiful thing is that all this good views of him, the characters, the talents and many was chattered because of a mere mango,people loved him,including students, teachers and outsiders who heard of him,as spoken,oluwole dayo is the one who is capable of representing his school in every quiz, debate and more but all this was chattered because of a mere mango as the people said.

Mrs khura the teacher was arrested, but that ll never bring him back,but just serve as a lesson to many who do like that,the teacher has no husband she is the only one who catered for two children in the university, and one In the secondary education.
And I don't blame her,people don't normally fall off a tree without something happening a heavy thought or a heavy mind often do this,the tree is strong.
I pray the government should ve mercy, am not saying they shouldn't punish her,but they should think about those children they ve no one.
This incident will serve as a lesson to the remaining one,I know it's not a big thing to help a teacher,but some help are two much, anything can happen.
Ayk Kellin
Comment,what do you think about this thing you may help.

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Hell and purgatory

 Hell and purgatory
Anyone who knows what purgatory to mean ll knows that it a large vault for punishment and redemption after rapture but hell on the other hand is no,a large vault for punishment forever or no time  speaked of.
Purgatory was speaked by few or many in some part of Continent, but truly speaking, which part of doctrine does this thing head?,where does it comes from?,who believes in this thing am talking about?, how does it came to be?,
Am going to show you today.
This purgatory can be find in the roman catholic believe a of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners making amend before going to heaven.
And why this believe?,catholic are the very first group of Christians with different view ,they are different anyway,but what makes this different?,this can be trace to the time of Christianity spreading, especially in Nigeria, when the British brought it to them then,it was said that during worshipping, they ll separated them from the white and treated them inhumanly, this is why some of them started forming their worshipping ground now called church,this group and many groups in abroad who uses the publication of king James version believed in the existence of hell and the Muslims,but RMC and the Jehovah witness stand aside,JW don't believed in purgatory and hell neither, but theirs was a little alike purgatory, a dead been buried and at the end raise you see this thing is splitting,followers of GOD with different ends,I ll tell you my own opinion of how this things came to be,and the real answer.
The RMC as first the first christian know more about the apostles and the apostles know more about Christ so viewing this they believed that Jesus is so much a lover and will never hurt his people, the JW also believed that Jesus was a great lover and that this only one who asked us and show us love will never do that,the great teacher of love and promised of freedom from the evil one how can he do this never he ll never do this thing.
And the KJV follower believed that having come to the world to find us freedom and show us love and after the painful dead,some people are still wicked to turn this thing down,they believed they must suffer for it but Jesus is not like that,and in some chapters in the KJV he mentioned that every bad branches will be thrown into fire that fueled the believed some people believed it is called hell but am going to tell you that there are some two words probably in Latin or Greek which is"Hell and Hades",there's not like hell fire,don't know where you culled the word "Hell fire" from but am to tell you that that hell means "death" even hell and hades  means death in English nothing else,the JW believed that during dead is the only hell and it also purgatory in my views it another way for amendment but neither all this is  sustainable .
This thing is one of the biggest worldwide horror, you may find you own way by helping with some  religions and their views in this thing am talking about apart from this groups I mentioned there are many religions like them.:..
For example, the Hindus believed in the law of karma,which means the belief in the law of reward for the good and punishment for evil deed,they didn't believed in purgatory or hell but samsara,which is reincarnation for the imperfect soul which ll come back by rebirth until well purified to partake of a reward.
The Buddhist in nirvana,which is the eternal happiness for the righteous people.
The taoist believed in life after death while the Sikhs believed in GOD judgment over everyone after death.
You see for yourself that this thing is confusing, but there is a question which troubles everyone.
My own answer is that you should stop troubling yourself this thing is a killer no religion has the real answer, no religion ever proof help people with this thinking about this is like driving a car on the sea you ll never  move amongst the water,anyone can proof to know it but it was all lies just follow your mind,many religious book,many authors ve proven themselves to be write it was all what they believes in.
If you're a believer of Christ,all that I want to tell you that,the one full of love,caring heart, promise of freedom will never hurt anybody,imagine a  fire burning you yet you an not hurt but just feeling cold,no,a car made for driving will never fly, just follow your mind.
No one is right every one are wrong.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Lucifer,baphomet,devil,satur,satan and satyr

Satan,satur,devil,Lucifer,satyr and baphomet what or who are this things?, And what is the meaning of this names?
Am letting you know that this names are ordinary words,why?many of you my readers who read my former written entitled"the bible,the Qur'an and the problem"will knows that samael was is real name,I ll quickly tell you a little story in the time of creation, when he was created and the others, samael was the name given to him,many ll want to ask that,how did he came across the Lucifer many people are calling him today,I am going to let you know that after the creation he participate in singing,he was known in heaven as a good singer that is how he acquired the name,Lucifer means "morning star",morning stars were some group of very popular ones,I'll let you know that he is not the only one bearing that title,and lest I forget, the word "Lucifer"isn't a name but a title,even the bible called Jesus a lucifer this let me think that Lucifer is not ordinary just a singer as many people thinks,but the first among his people which I think sameal was one of, if some called him Lucifer today they aren't wrong he is the leader among some groups,many people still worship him, just like Jesus today..
And what makes me think singers are not morning stars is that the scripture didn't mentioned anything about Jesus singing in heaven, so leaders are the morning stars,and if you check these words itself"morning star"star of the morning,the most known in the morning, the morning means the best group of some sort,while the star simply mean known or best which all means the best among best,but so many things happened to him when he was chase to earth,what are those things?
Many changes of name,he demon turned, continue this written you ll find more.
But who is satur,satur is a Greek word and god he was a woodland god also known as satyr,the description given about him let me know that he was the same samael,let me clear you,you see in some centuries back there was a strictly banned of Satan worshipped, they described him as a goat,so the religions leader didn't want their people to do with anything about it drawings, status and more, but among the French which this strictly banned was,was a well-known artist, one day he drawn a goat head with a long horn,he designed it and make it looked good but unfortunately for him he was get burned when he was caught, and not to make it lies,that goat head now is called"baphomet" and as been worshipping by the illuminatis.
So this make me believed the description about satyr and satur,I'll describe it now.
He was like a goat,truly a goat but with different shape he is from head to the neck a human face,and from the neck downward complete goat,but the face different, this face is the blend of both human and goat's,and he Don a google/spectacle with no lens, and he is the same samael,he is an Angel no more but now a demon,and the Lucifer in his sect,but who is the Satan? Just stay and learn more.
Before he commit the offense and before thrown down here he accuse In front of his Creator, no one satisfied him,I can see that he almost accuse all the Lord's righteous Angel,before someone can be named an accuser,you can see that the lord himself might ve be feed up.
So funny indeed,you can see for yourself if you can read "the book of job"how he accused that good man,so Satan simply means an accuser and not a name,just word, and I believe he is still doing this accuse,and to let you that samael was still is name,and who is or what makes him the"devil".
If you knows what evil means then you ll know what devil really is.
Devil means wickedness just like what ghostitude is,but devil is the master of wickedness, he acquired this name this title when he was chased down here, with a promise of vengeance, and still vengeful now, the devil commands and control all evils.
So the accuser,the baphomet,the Lucifer,satyr or satur,is now the same devil, father of many evils.
And mind you devil isn't a name but a title,anyone can be a devil we ve many devils out there, the masters killers are a devil,anyone who controlled the source of an evil are all devils.
Anyone can also be an accuser.
But some problems ve raised today about this name and titles, many thinks that they are different but links to each other,other think that they are different and don't do with each other, bring them here to learn, and to teach people, Iet me tell you that samael was is original name no else,that satyr or satur was a god to the Greek and a name to their woodland god he isn't among his name let me say just a praised name,devil and Satan,his character and was named through that,Lucifer his title, and baphomet,a goat-head name,by the Illuminati referring to him samael is now the demon and the devil,that all what happened to him when thrown down from heaven.

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Monday, April 1, 2019

Adam and eve does these two character are real

If we were to assume that the Adam and Eve story were true, how long would it take for two people to grow to a population of 7 billion? Include any assumptions in your answer.
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It has been established that if a population of human beings discovers a completely new environment with an unlimited supply of food (e.g. an uninhabited island with lots of game), they will double their population every 20 years until they run out of new food supplies. This has happened a number of times in human history, but usually they run out of food fairly quickly. This has usually been devastating to the local animals (i.e. the food supply) which often have been largely wiped out.

So, for instance, two people (one man and one woman) were teleported to a completely new planet with an unlimited food supply, and no particular barriers to migration, they could hit over 8 billion people in about 33 generations (2^33=8,589,934,592), or about 20x33=660 years.

Now, you can argue that only two people can’t produce 7 billion descendants, but I would like to point out that in 1906, four moose were introduced to the island of Newfoundland, and today Newfoundland has over 150,000 moose. The island is now overrun with moose. See:

With few natural predators and finding Newfoundland the perfect habitat, moose thrived and the rest is history. Today, moose are so numerous that they pose a hazard to drivers, and their voracious appetites are altering the native forest. But the moose is none the less an important part of this province’s identity. Moose meat is a feature on the BBQs of community festivals and the menus of gourmet restaurants promoting local food, and the annual moose hunt is celebrated in story and song as an opportunity for people to reconnect with the land.

Human beings would be perfectly capable of doing the same thing. They would all look the same, much like Newfoundland moose, but that wouldn’t stop them from reproducing. Inbreeding is not a problem if there are no major genetic defects in the


WHY PEOPLE WORSHIP SATAN. who is Satan?According to many written Satan is defined as the enemy of God, accuser and many other. Any who ha...